Gold Star

Yesterday my 3-year-old wanted me to read him a list from the back cover of one of his books. The book was one of a series of big trucks and machines. So I pointed to each one and read him the list… Dump Trucks, Fire Engines, Farm Equipment, Earth Movers, Monster Trucks and Trains.

Very good mommy! Good job!’

Why thank you.


Let’s Make a Deal!

My 3-year-old is really trying his hardest to bargain for what he wants. I prepped him this morning for what we had to accomplish today and he didn’t have any complaints. We had to go grocery shopping, and if we had time we’d go to the library, per his request.

Something we do very often is go to the library and walk down to the toy store as well. It’s about 8 blocks away, so it’s quite a walk for him, but he loves it. Today, because we had fresh fish, milk and kombucha in the car, we couldn’t go to the toy store. Logic only gets you so far when you’re trying to convince him that it’s not a good idea to extend our trip.

His catchphrase is, ‘Okay, mommy. I have a really good idea…’

‘Sorry, we can’t go to the toy store today. We have to get our groceries home and put them in the fridge.’

‘Okay, I have a really good idea. We go to the toy store for…. TWO minutes.’

And as every parent of a toddler can tell you, if you try to leave a toy store store two minutes after arriving, it’s never a pretty picture.

At this point I pretty much have to bite the bullet and just drive home, enduring the tantrum for however long it lasts.

Thank God we had new racecar and dinosaur books from the library to ease the pain!


Me? Calm?

I’m not really used to being the calm, collected one when the kids are acting up. But here’s the thing… If my husband is the one losing it, I’m usually fine.

It’s like watching Jerry Springer. Once you see someone else losing their shit, you can easily take a step back and go ‘You know, that’s a bit of an overreaction…’ But if you’re in the thick of it, with a short fuse and two hangry kids, you’re just as up in arms, veins popping out, crazy as the rest of them.

So as our host would say, “Please take care of yourselves… and each other.”



My 3-year-old is catching on fast. Grandma was bringing him home last night after some playtime at their house. He asked to bring home one of their matchbox racecars. He was granted his wish with the understanding that he was only borrowing it.

So Grandma explained, “We need to keep it at our house so you can have more toys to play with when you’re there. You have a lot of toys at your house.”

He still wanted to bring it home.

Grandma asked, “What if I need it at my house?”

“Mommy can get in her car and drive it to you if you need it.”

“Oh. What if I need it tonight?”

“You have lots of other toys at your house, Grandma.”



A Good Start

This morning, when my 3-year-old and I woke up we were fortunate enough to have a quiet house. The baby was still asleep so I didn’t hurry getting out of bed. Eventually he decided it was time to go out into the living room to play. I told him I needed a kiss to wake up.

Excited, he said, ‘Just like Sleeping Beauty!’

He climbed up on the bed and gave me a sweet little kiss. I opened my eyes and he grinned, ‘It worked!’


Up to Snuff

Last night we put on some music and let the boys run around and dance before bed. Our 3-year-old determined where the stage was and together, he and his brother put on quite a show.

After a while he came up to me, very seriously, held his shirt out for inspection and asked, ‘Mommy, I have a pretty dress for dancing?’

‘Yes, it’s a very pretty dress, just right for dancing.’

‘Yes. It is.’

And he continued to rock out to the Beach Boys.

The fact that he wants to get all the details right in his pretending is adorable. If mommy wears a pretty dress when she dances, then damn it… everyone should!