What we’ve come to

WMe are on day three of home confinement. The heat has held us captive and now we can’t even go out in the cooler mornings because of unhealthy levels of wildfire smoke in the air.

The madness is starting to set in.

The tragedy of the day was the trimming of my 3-year-old’s toenails. After kicking, flailing, screaming and crying about it, he finally settled under threat of having his dinosaurs taken away.

I’m sure there was a time when we all screamed and cried about having our nails trimmed, only to end up indulging in it now as a pampering spa day, as adults.

You know how some pets are so resistant to having their claws trimmed that you have to take them in to the vet to have them knocked out and get a professional to do it for you? I’m thinking such a service needs to be available for kids, too.


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