I witnessed something my 3-year-old had never done before today. He introduced himself by name to another kid. Of course this kid was not much more than a year old and couldn’t reciprocate, but it was a nice gesture.

What confuses me, and must confuse children, is that we tell them not to talk to strangers. But then we constantly tell them to go say hi and play with other kids. At what point does a potential playmate become a stranger? How do we make that distinction? Age? Attitude? Whether or not mommy said it was okay?

My kids seem to gravitate toward other adults just as much as, or more than, other kids. If there’s a parent watching their child play, just like I am, they’ll go make friends with the parent almost more easily than the kid.

I think it may have to do with the energy levels of the kids. If they’re running around all hyper and crazy, my kids will avoid them. The parents have a much more approachable demeanor. And there’s no fear of getting mowed over.


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