The Waiting Game

I’m terrible at waiting. My son is no different. If there’s something fun coming up, I just want to do it. Now. We spent an hour and a half today listening to whining because my 3-year-old just wanted to go to grandpa’s volleyball game. He doesn’t even know what volleyball is.

This is why I have not told him that we’re going to be taking a train trip in a couple of weeks to see his aunt and uncle.

Fortunately I can fill my own time while I’m waiting with planning. Such as taking hot chocolate with us on the train so he can play like he’s on the Polar Express.

He has no idea how much fun is coming his way. I love it.


Makes Mommy Happy

*happy dance*happy dance*happy dance*

My 21-month-old is saying ‘Mama’ when he wants to give me something! His older brother started saying daddy at around 18 months but didn’t say mama or mommy or anything until he was well over two years old! ‘Daddy’ still came first this time around, too, but only for about a month.

Ha! I’m moving up in the world!



Yesterday was a hard day. My 3-year-old was in a very defiant mood and got into trouble multiple times. One of those times resulted in him losing a particularly special dinosaur. He was to get it back when daddy got home from work today.

My husband was sure that he wouldn’t remember the issue and not care about the dinosaur come the morning. Wrong!

He wasn’t up for ten minutes before he was telling me that he was bad and that daddy took his dinosaur away. So he needs to be a good boy to get it back when daddy gets home. You are correct, sir.

It’s amazing what he remembers, and I am truly shocked at his level of understanding. He would interject at different times throughout the morning today, commenting on how he was being such a good boy. The real perk of it all was that it was true. He was really being very good. He obviously wants that dinosaur back.

Now if only his little brother would pick up on this way of thinking…


In my own way

We made a last minute plan this morning that required the boys to finish eating breakfast and get dressed double quick.


Anyone who’s ever tried to get two toddlers ready to leave the house in a hurry knows exactly how this went.

It resulted in two time outs (for the same child), breakfast thrown on the floor instead of eaten, chasing one child in order to put shoes on him and then try not to get kicked while trying to put shoes on the other child. Once we finally got out the door (and four miles down the road) I realized that I’d forgotten the one thing we needed to take with us, the reason we were leaving the house in the first place.


And this is why God made coffee.


Free Concerts

I’m sure a lot of kids started doing this long before my 3-(almost 4)-year-old did, but I am now granted front row seats to countless free concerts given by my son. He used to do it with guitars and harmonicas, now he’ singing. Old McDonald and the ABC’s are his favorites.

It’s actually quite interesting to find out all the things that are on Old McDonald’s farm. I never knew it was so extensive. We’ve got horses, cats, dogs and raccoons of course. But we’ve also got T-Rex, cake and peach yogurt.

With a Mmmm Mmmm here and a Mmmm Mmmm there.


The Bad Guy

You know, I’m starting to understand Darth Vader a bit more… Now hold on… Stay with me…

He’s fighting every day to win out against a rebellion while even his own underlings are starting to backtalk and he can’t even finish building his spaceship before those rebellious brats tear it apart. Doesn’t that all sound familiar?

As a mom I’m fighting every day to maintain control of my rebellious 21-month-old while my 3-year-old is backtalking to me more and more, and despite my best efforts, this house is never clean and there are unfinished projects all over the place (like painting outside, rebuilding the stair landing out back, installing trim, etc.). As soon as I get one thing finished in the house, another disaster takes place and the carpets need to be cleaned again.

Dude…. I feel ya.


Growing up so fast

I got a new desk to serve as my work space. It became necessary when I realized I’ve had the dining table occupied with things that the kids aren’t allowed to touch for well over two months now.

The desk has apparently inspired a driving sense of productivity in my 3-year-old. As soon as he saw it he apologized that he had to ‘go to work all this day’. He put things into drawers, organized the desktop with pens in the penholder and other supplies in little cubbies. Then he set about working on his letters in a dry erase workbook.

I guess Carrie (of Sex and the City) was right. If you find the right desk, the writing will follow.