Interrupting catPlease tell me it gets easier after this.

We’re trying to phase out naps for my almost-4-year-old.  We’re replacing that time with Alone Time or Quiet Time.

Here’s the problem… Nap time has always been mommy’s time to not worry about the kids for a couple of hours.  I get some work done and I don’t have to be mommy for just a little bit of my day.  But with one of the kids not sleeping during nap time… Mommy is still mommy.

He won’t stay in a room and play.  He keeps finding reasons to come out and ask me a question or tell me something or ask me to come play with him.  I’m hoping that with continued effort, we will get the whole ‘Alone Time’ concept to sink in.

Report: Day one of Alone Time – Grrrrr……


Teach Me

confused-monkeyI don’t think of myself as technologically inept, but when it comes to learning a new device… I’m not up to speed.  I just got a new tablet/laptop and I’ll be buggered if I can find anything.

Search: Facebook app.

Already Installed.

Okay, thank you Mr Copperfield.  Where the hell is it?

I think I know a bit now what some of the older generations feel like, needing to ask their kids ‘how to work this thing’.


Down and Out

HedgehogsIf there’s one thing that makes parenting 1000 times harder, it’s injury.  As in, mommy gets hurt.  Once you can’t take care of your kids like normal due to nursing an injury, everything gets way harder!

I spent the entire day yesterday trying to overcome muscle pain that was preventing me from turning my head to the left or leaning it backwards even a fraction of an inch.  It’s a problem that resurfaces now and again because of my work.  I get huge knots in my shoulders that radiate pain up my neck, seizing me up.

Thanks to the generous efforts of friends and my husband, I’m nearing normal again today.

If there’s one thing that’s terribly unfair about it all, though… the kids get nursed lovingly back to health when they get hurt.  They may spend days crying and whining about their owies until they feel better, and we parents just do everything we can to ease their pain.

When mommy gets hurt… I can’t even get away with staying in bed longer.

Here’s to the hard-working, push-through-it parents.


Reference Point

surprised-animals-monkeys-I am determined to get my kids to crave playtime more than screen time.  I think this is the battle for most parents these days.  Even if you already limit their screen time, it’s all they want.  Today was not looking like it would be any different from normal and I would eventually crack, tired of the tantrums and whining and just let them watch something.  (Most likely Leapfrog, but still screen time.)

Then I had a thought.

I reminded my 3-year-old of their playtime at Grandma and Grandpa’s house the day before.  ‘You just played music, cars, you read books… you just played.  You didn’t watch anything.  And you had LOTS of fun.  Let’s do that here, too.’

It seemed to sink in at that moment for him.  For the next two and a half hours he led his brother in a series of games throughout the house that kept both of them happy, playing, inventing and no tantrums.

I don’t know if this magic can work two days in a row, but by golly I’m going to give it a shot.  (Rub the lucky penny, turn in a circle three times, throw salt over the shoulder, crack the knuckles and go.)


New Plan

It seems like my boys have been saving up most of their button pushing for today. We’d been doing so well for about a week and then today, because of my trying to trim my 3-year-old’s nails, everything went haywire. Between the two of them I lost count of how many times I got kicked (in various places) during their tantrums.

So here’s my idea. Aside from the obvious and necessary discipline, if they piss me off, I exercise.

The kids can get as out of control as they’re able and the only thing that will come of it is my amazing abs.


Tis the Season. Only not.

The Polar Express persists in our house. If you haven’t been following along for long enough, let me fill you in… We’ve been watching it since June.

There’s a new twist, now, though. My 3-year-old is playing Santa. Today he started scrunching up his chin and talking with the deepest voice he could manage and asked me what I wanted for Christmas. He carried around a makeshift bag that he kept reloading with more wooden train tracks, depositing them at my feet and telling me Merry Christmas.

When I changed my request to ‘Hard Working Trucks’, he sought out every dump truck, digger and loader we had and lined them up in front of me, all the while telling me in a gruff voice, ‘This your present’.

Unfortunately my request for a back massage didn’t pan out.


What if?

It’s nap time, and for the past hour while I’ve been taking some time to relax and read (something I’ve been wanting to do for weeks now), I’ve had a toy raccoon sitting on the couch next to me, staring at me.

Maybe it’s because of movies like Toy Story, where all the toys are really alive and have feelings, or maybe it’s because my son treats his stuffed animals with love and care, but I can’t bring myself to move the raccoon.

What if he likes the book I’m reading?

I don’t want to be rude.